Legislation Sponsored by Chad Nimmer (7)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 3/29/2024

HB 0348 InactiveWaycross, City of; change corporate limits Chad Nimmer
3/24/2017 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Annexation/Municipalization General County Government Local Legislation
HB 0477 InactiveAppling County; board of elections and registration; create Chad Nimmer
5/3/2017 Effective Date Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Elections Local Legislation
HB 0642 NeutralSpecial Improvement Districts Chad Nimmer
3/21/2018 Senate Read Second Time Governmental Affairs Economic Development and Tourism -
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
This bill would allow for the creation by counties and cities of 'special improvement districts' that are created which regard to surface transportation projects. A special improvement district is defined as any 'special service district' that is created under the new Code chapter and under the special district provision of the Constitution. A special improvement district can only be created following written petition by taxpayers. As structured, such special improvement districts are similar to community improvement districts.
HB 0808 NeutralCourts; term of court in certain counties in the Waycross Circuit; change Chad Nimmer
1/1/2019 Effective Date Judiciary Judiciary -
Local Legislation Superior Court
HB 0812 EvaluatingAddition of the Magistrate Court to those Authorized to Collect Law Library Fee Chad Nimmer
2/22/2018 House Committee Favorably Reported Judiciary --
Debra Nesbit Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons Magistrate Court Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance
This legislation clarifies the authorization of the magistrate courts to impose the law library fee of $5.00 per court.
HB 0978 NeutralUse of Cameras and Automated Devices to Enforce Law Regarding School Buses and Enforcement of Speed Limits in School Zones Chad Nimmer
7/1/2018 Effective Date Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety -
2018/03/2 Report 2018/03/23 Report Debra Nesbit Econ. Dev. & Transportation General County Government
Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance Solicitors State Court

This legislation allows private companies to place cameras in school zones and enforce civil penalties for speeding in school zones.   The fine is $75 for the first offense and $125 for subsequent offenses with an additional processing fee up to $25 assessed per offense. Additionally, should a local government chose to use cameras in school zones, signs must be placed within the approaching school zone warning drivers of the use of speed detection cameras. Money collected from such fines are to be used by the local governing body only for law enforcement or public safety initiatives. 

This bill also allows private companies to operate and maintain cameras placed on school buses. Additionally, the bill reduces the civil penalty for passing a school bus that has its stop sign activated from $300 to $250. This fine is to be paid to the governing body of the law enforcement agency. 

HB 0986 NeutralWaycross Judicial Circuit; judges of superior courts; increase supplements Chad Nimmer
5/8/2018 Effective Date Judiciary State and Local Governmental Operations -
Compensation Local Legislation Superior Court
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