Legislation Sponsored by Kimberly Alexander (3)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 4/8/2024

HB 0267 OpposeMandated County Sick Leave Policy Kimberly Alexander
2/9/2017 House Second Readers Industry and Labor --
2017/02/10 - Report Compensation General County Government Personnel/Employment Todd Edwards
This legislation mandates that all counties implement a sick-time policy and provide at least 56 hours of paid sick leave per year to their employees.  Paid sick leave shall accrue at the rate of one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked.  The bill places several other requirements on these sick leave policies.  While ACCG has no issue with whatever sick leave the state may elect to provide its employees, we believe that counties are best apt to make their own personnel decisions.      
HB 0659 EvaluatingProvide for Immunity and Expansion of Practice for EMS Personnel Emergency Authorization to Transport Mentally Ill Kimberly Alexander
12/28/2017 House Prefiled ---
2018/01/12 Report
This legislation adds emergency medical service (EMS) personnel to those who may consult with a physician and report observations to obtain clearance to transport a person that is mentally ill requiring involuntary treatment and provides for immunity for EMS personnel as it relates to mental health transport and treatment.  The same language is included in SB 318.
HB 0733 SupportLoan Forgiveness for Psychiatrist and Mental Health Professionals Providing Services in Rural Areas Kimberly Alexander
1/29/2018 House Second Readers Health and Human Services --
2018/01/26 Report Debra Nesbit Economic Development General County Government Health and Human Services
 This legislation includes psychiatrists and mental health professionals who are eligible for student loan cancellation.
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