2018/01/12 Report (11)

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HB 0630 NeutralIncrease Surety Bond Requirement For Probate Judges Mary Oliver
1/29/2018 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Judiciary --
2018/01/12 Report Clerk of Court Debra Nesbit Elections Probate Court
Public Safety and Courts

This legislation makes several changes and updates to the laws that govern probate courts.  One of those changes is to increase the required surety bond from $25,000 to $100,000. 

HB 0635 SupportCreation of At-Risk Adult Protection Investigative/Coordinating Teams in each Judicial Circuit Sharon Cooper
7/1/2018 Effective Date Human Relations and Aging Health and Human Services -
2018/01/12 Report 2018/02/09 Report 2018/03/23 Report Debra Nesbit District Attorneys
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Health and Human Services Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts Solicitors
This legislation amends the Disabled Adults and Elder Persons Protection Act, to require the creation and implementation of at-risk adult protection investigative/coordinating teams in each judicial circuit.  These teams will be formed at the direction of the district attorney and will include local law enforcement, aging services and any other agency as deemed appropriate by the district attorney.
HB 0641 NegotiatingVoting Machines - Require Permanent Paper Record Scot Turner
1/8/2018 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2018/01/12 Report Auditing/Budget Elections General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation requires all direct recording electronic (DRE) voting systems purchased on and after July 1, 2017, to be equipped with paper audit records.  ACCG has no concerns if the State of Georgia provides the funding to meet this or other state-required voting equipment upgrades; however, the association opposes unfunded state mandates as one of its guiding principles.       
HB 0659 EvaluatingProvide for Immunity and Expansion of Practice for EMS Personnel Emergency Authorization to Transport Mentally Ill Kimberly Alexander
12/28/2017 House Prefiled ---
2018/01/12 Report
This legislation adds emergency medical service (EMS) personnel to those who may consult with a physician and report observations to obtain clearance to transport a person that is mentally ill requiring involuntary treatment and provides for immunity for EMS personnel as it relates to mental health transport and treatment.  The same language is included in SB 318.
HB 0672 NeutralLocal School Boards May Apply for and Use Speed Detection Devices Erica Thomas
2/6/2018 House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute Public Safety and Homeland Security --
2018/01/12 Report Debra Nesbit Econ. Dev. & Transportation Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts
Traffic Enforcement
 This legislation adds local school boards to law enforcement agencies that may apply for and use speed detection devices for the patrol of public elementary or secondary schools.
HB 0673 NeutralProhibit Distracted Driving John Carson
7/1/2018 Effective Date Judiciary - Non-Civil Judiciary -
2018/01/12 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/2 Report 2018/03/23 Report Debra Nesbit
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Fire Services Public Safety and Courts Traffic Enforcement Transportation
This legislation creates the offense(s) of violation of usage of a wireless telecommunications device, which prohibits the use of the device for texting, receiving or sending text, or talking on a wireless device while driving.    The fine shall be $50.00 for the first conviction; the second conviction the fine shall be $100.00; and the third offense shall be $150.00, no additional surcharges shall be assessed on any fine for distracted driving.  There is a provision that if proof is presented to the court on the first offense that the driver purchased a hands free device for future use, the charge shall be dismissed.  There is a specific exemption for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS or any public safety first responder during the performance of their duties.
HB 0674 NegotiatingSovereign Immunity Waiver for Injunctions and Declaratory Judgments Wendell Willard
1/18/2018 House Second Readers Judiciary --
2018/01/12 Report General County Government Government Immunity Larry Ramsey Public Safety and Courts
This bill would waive the sovereign immunity of the state and local goverments as to particular types of lawsuits: requests for injunctions and declaratory judgment claims. Sovereign immunity would not be waived for claims for monetary damages and attorneys fees. If passed, governments could be sued for violations of the constitution, state law, or local ordinance, with a judge having the power to enter an injunction ordering the government to stop such violations. The substance of this bill has been added to HB 791.
HB 0677 NeutralHomestead Exemption for Active Duty Military Paulette Braddock
1/19/2018 House Second Readers Ways and Means --
2018/01/12 Report Larry Ramsey Property Tax Revenue & Finance
This bill, if approved in a state wide referendum, will provide a new homestead exemption for military service personnel who serve overseas in support of a military operation. The bill will affect state, county, school, and city ad valorem taxes. The percentage of the taxable value of a homestead that would be exempt from taxes would equal the percentage of the prior calendar year that the military member was on active duty overseas in a military operation. The most significant impact would be expected to occur in counties with high concentrations of active duty personnel.
SB 0302 EvaluatingConfederate Monuments - Allow Locals to Decide Removal Elena Parent
1/19/2018 Senate Read and Referred -Government Oversight -
2018/01/12 Report General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation (mirroring HB 650) authorizes city and county governments, via the adoption of a resolution, to remove or relocate any plaque, marker or memorial which honors the military service of the Confederate States of America that is located on public property or is publicly-owned.  If a privately-owned monument is on public property, a county may, by resolution, return the monument to the private owner.  ACCG supports home rule as one of its guiding principles.       
SB 0309 NeutralElections - Special Primaries Required for Special Elections Joshua McKoon
3/1/2018 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs Ethics -
2018/01/12 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/2 Report Elections General County Government
Todd Edwards

This legislation partly eliminates the need for the Governor to call a special election when there is a vacancy for a U.S. House, U.S. Senate and General Assembly office - the Governor will appoint a replacement if less than 12 months remain on the term.  The bill does call for a special primary to proceed a special election in an even-numbered year which does add a race to the ballot; however, it shouldn't entail additional costs to the county.  Savings should be incurred as special elections can no longer be held in odd-numbered years and are held in conjunction with primary elections.   

SB 0319 NeutralCreation of the Department of Fire Safety John Albers
3/29/2018 Senate Disagreed House Amend or Sub Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety -
2018/01/12 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/23 Report Code Enforcement Debra Nesbit
Fire Services General County Government Public Safety and Courts
This legislation provides for the creation of the Department of Fire Safety and transfers the State Fire Marshall's Office, the Firefighter's Standards and Training Council and all other activities related to fire service to the newly created department.
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