8/6/2018RECALL ALERT! G and C Raw Dog and Cat Food - Potential for Lysteria monocytogenes cited.
7/31/2018ALERT! Fourth Case of EEE in NC Diagnosed - Unvaccinated donkey succumbed to the deadly disease
7/26/2018ALERT! Third Case of EEE in NC Diagnosed -
7/10/2018ALERT! First EEE Case for 2018 in NC - Equine owners need to vaccinate their horses to protect them from this deadly disease
6/13/2018RECALL ALERT: Dave's Dog Food - Elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone cited.
4/19/2018TWO RECALL ALERTS! Two Different Brands of Freeze Dried Foods - Salmonella risk cited
4/15/2018Breed Specific Legislation - Effective? Unfair? - AVMA animal welfare scientist touches on these questions in podcast
3/27/2018TWO Recall Alerts! Two Brands of Raw Dog Food - Contamination cited
3/23/2018RECALL ALERT! Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats - Potentially elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone cited
2/16/2018RECALL ALERT! Multiple Dog Food Brands Pulled - Potential contamination cited

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