2020/02/14 Report (2)

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SB 0362 SupportLivestock Running at Large - Change Fees for Impounding John Wilkinson
7/29/2020 Effective Date Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Agriculture and Consumer Affairs -
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2020/06/19 Report General County Government Todd Edwards
Current law allows counties to charge a maximum $10 fee for impounding livestock running at large.  This bill changes the fee amount to the "actual cost of impounding" each animal.  The actual cost can also be charged for transporting, posting notice of, disposition of and selling the animal.  The cost to feed the animal cannot exceed $25 per day.       
SB 0370 NeutralBroadband Infrastructure - Railroads Determine Usage of Easements Steve Gooch
1/1/2021 Effective Date Transportation Transportation -
2020/02/14 Report 2020/02/21 Report 2020/06/19 Report Broadband General County Government
Todd Edwards
State law was recently changed to authorize owners of electric easements to allow for certain broadband infrastructure to be installed in the easement.  This bill clarifies that, if the easement is located on railroad-owned property, that the railroad determines whether the easement can be used for broadband infrastructure and under what conditions.    
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