Legislation Sponsored by Randy Robertson (8)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 2/27/2024

SB 0095 NeutralLocals Can Contract for Utilities for up to 20 Years Randy Robertson
7/1/2019 Effective Date Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Regulated Industries and Utilities -
2019/02/15 Report 2019/03/22 Report General County Government Todd Edwards
Mirroring HB 208, this legislation authorizes local governments to enter into contracts for utility services (electric, natural gas or water services) for terms up to 20 years.  Current law allows local governments/authorities to contract for said services for up to 10 years.   
SB 0096 NeutralWhistle Post Required at Private Railroad Grade Crossings Randy Robertson
2/13/2019 Senate Read and Referred -Transportation -
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen
This legislation requires each railroad company to erect and maintain a whistle post in advance of an approaching private grade crossing which would notify an engineer of such approaching crossing.
SB 0149 NeutralMotor Vehicle Omnibus Bill Randy Robertson
3/26/2019 House Passed/Adopted By Substitute Motor Vehicles Public Safety -
Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen
This legislation combines several bills related to motor vehicles that includes fine details for the operation of a vehicle without a valid decal on license plate and establishes that three-wheeled motorcycles would be treated like two-wheeled motorcycles.
In addition, the bill sets standards and procedures for issuing and displaying digital license plates. Individuals would be allowed to submit an application to the county tag office indicating a preference for a digital license plate. A digital license plate provider can collect fees for the license plate hardware and services. Digital license plates would renewed annually and the Department of Revenue would be authorized to develop rules and regulations relating to the digital displays, messaging and personalization of digital license plates.  

SB 0208 NeutralRevision to Implied Consent Law for Driving Under the Influence Randy Robertson
6/25/2020 House - House Withdrawn, Recommitted Judiciary - Non-Civil Public Safety -
2019/03/01 Report 2019/03/22 Report 2019/03/29 Report Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts
Traffic Enforcement
This legislation revises the implied consent notice to advise suspects that refusal to submit to blood or urine testing may be used as evidence against them in trial.
SB 0341 SupportRe-employment of Retired Certified Peace and Correctional Officers During Disasters and Emergencies Randy Robertson
1/1/2021 Effective Date Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety -
2020/02/07 Debra Nesbit Public Safety and Courts
This legislation allows re-employment of retired police and correctional officers and provides all of the immunity protections of active police and correctional officers during state of emergencies and disasters.
SB 0392 EvaluatingEmployment and Training of Peace Officers; bill of rights for peace officers under investigation; enact Randy Robertson
2/20/2020 Senate Read and Referred -Public Safety -
2020/02/21 Report Debra Nesbit Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts
SB 0402 NeutralElimination of OR Bonds (Release on Own Recognizance) Now Unsecured Judicial Release Randy Robertson
1/1/2021 Effective Date Judiciary - Non-Civil Public Safety -
2020/02/28 Report 2020/03/06 Report Correctional Institutions/Jail Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit
Public Safety and Courts Sheriff
This legislation eliminates the ability for judges to set a bond and then release accused on their own recognizance.  The legislation requires conditions for unsecured judicial release and the judge must state the reason for the release.
SR 0483 NeutralElections - Study Committee on County Boards of Elections and Registration Randy Robertson
6/25/2020 Senate - Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute ---
2019/03/29 Report Elections General County Government Todd Edwards
This resolution creates a study committee, made up of eight six senators and two members of the public, to examine the conditions, needs, issues and problems with county boards of elections and registration.  In particular, it will study the appointments of board members; the registration of electors; applications for, transmission of, and the counting of absentee ballots; informing and advising the governing authorities of counties; and the handling of provisional ballots.    
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