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Date of Last Recorded Action: 2/26/2024

SB 0286 NeutralState Court of Troup County; charge and collect a technology fee for certain filings; authorize Matt Brass
5/3/2018 Act 350 Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations -
Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons Local Legislation Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance State Court
SB 0363 NeutralElections - Begin Tabulating Early Voting Ballots after 6:00 pm on Election Day Matt Brass
3/15/2018 House Committee Favorably Reported By Substitute Governmental Affairs Ethics -
2018/02/02 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/09 Report 2018/03/16 Report 2018/03/2 Report
Elections General County Government Todd Edwards
This legislation allows election superintendents to begin processing and tabulating early voting DRE ballots after 6:00 p.m. on the date of a primary, election or runoff.  Currently, only absentee ballots can be tabulated prior to the closing of the polls on election day.  No results from these ballots shall be transmitted by modem or other devise prior to the close of the polls.  The bill also closes the City of Atlanta's polls at 7:00 p.m. - that currently stay open until 8:00 p.m.  Lastly, the bill establishes the weekend days for early voting as either the third Saturday or Sunday, but not both, prior to a primary or general election during the hours of 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.    
SB 0404 NeutralWater Service Fees For Fire Sprinkler Systems Matt Brass
5/3/2018 Act 400 Governmental Affairs Natural Resources and the Environment -
2018/02/09 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/09 Report 2018/03/16 Report 2018/03/2 Report
Code Enforcement Fire Services Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons General County Government Health and Human Services
Kathleen Bowen Nat. Res. & the Environment Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance Utilities
This legislation states that no county, municipal, or other public water system shall charge or assess a separate fee for water service for fire sprinkler protection systems for more than the cost to provide such service.   
SB 0428 NegotiatingStatewide Regulations for the Practice of Booting Vehicles Matt Brass
2/15/2018 Senate Read and Referred -Transportation -
2018/02/16 Report Code Enforcement Econ. Dev. & Transportation Kathleen Bowen Law Enforcement
Public Safety and Courts Roads Sheriff Traffic Enforcement
This legislation (similar to HB 774) defines and sets statewide standards for vehicle immobilization devices and services - commonly known as "booting". In addition, this bill allows a county or city to pass an ordinance stricter than the provisions set out by this bill; however, of concern is that the language does not clearly state that a local government can ban the practice of booting vehicles. 
SB 0430 NeutralConstitutional Office Salary Update in Statute Matt Brass
3/29/2018 Senate Agreed House Amend or Sub As Amended Governmental Affairs State and Local Governmental Operations -
2018/02/16 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/16 Report 2018/03/2 Report Clerk of Court
Compensation Debra Nesbit Elections General County Government Magistrate Court
Probate Court Public Safety and Courts Revenue & Finance Sheriff Tax Commissioner

This legislation simply codifies the COLA's that have been awarded to constitutional officers and magistrate judges  since 2006. The mandatory pay raise was removed from the legislation.

To see what Georgia's constitutional officers currently make, by county, which includes COLA's, longevity increases and state and local supplements, please click here:  

Note that these figures do not include fees received as personal compensation in some cases (e.g. clerks' fees for processing U.S. passport applications, probates' vital records fees, and tax commissioners' fees for collecting city property taxes). 

SB 0459 Evaluating"Rural Hospital Infusion Plan (RHIP) Act" Matt Brass
2/21/2018 Senate Read and Referred -Health and Human Services -
Appropriations Debra Nesbit Econ. Dev. & Transportation Economic Development Health and Human Services
This legislation sets forth requirements for destination hospitals and certificate of need.
SB 0469 OpposeZoning - Preempt Local Practices Matt Brass
2/21/2018 Senate Read and Referred -State and Local Governmental Operations -
2018/02/23 Report Code Enforcement General County Government Land Use/Zoning Preemption
Todd Edwards
This legislation preempts local governments from enacting any zoning ordinances regulating "building design elements" which include such factors as exterior building colors, style or materials of roofs or porches, location or styling of windows or doors, interior layout of rooms, etc., so long as these elements meet minimum standard codes.  Exceptions are made for historic landmarks/districts.  It further goes to redefine and restrict zoning powers, perhaps in violation of the Georgia Constitution.           
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