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02/24NC State Economist Dr. Mike Walden – “The possibility of achieving energy independence” -
02/24February planted corn not covered by crop insurance -
02/24Opportunity is there to make money on wheat -
02/24Slack retail demand pushes NC egg prices lower -
02/24Pork Industry Forum coming up (March 1-3) -
02/24Dry conditions increase slightly in North Carolina -
02/24Senate votes to subpoena Cabinet secretary Hall -
02/24Solar farms banned after complaints in North Carolina county -
02/24The Good Earth: Forum stresses importance of healthy soil -
02/24Virginia hulless barley shows promise as livestock feed equal to corn -
02/24Bayer signals it may face delays in Monsanto takeover -
02/24Another big meat processor invests in plant-based proteins -
02/24USDA to collect data on farmland rental rates -
02/24USDA sees rise in crop, livestock output amid sluggish farm economy -
02/24World food security in ‘jeopardy,' FAO warns -
02/24New House strategy for energy, environmental legislation -
02/24Bayer to fund projects to increase pollinator forage -
02/23Interim leaders named for CALS Advancement and Foundations -
02/23Op-Ed: Textiles spun a new NC, but what will replace it? -
02/23Maximizing dryland soybean yields in North Carolina -
02/23New Civitas Poll: See the first post-election poll of NC voters -
02/23In the Field: Agronomic Services lab making equipment upgrades with peak-season soil testing fees -
02/23After Matthew, state scrambles to reopen NC roads before spring -
02/23Video: Windmills could help Moore peach orchard survive frost -
02/23Senators threaten 'consequences' if NC cabinet nominees continue to ignore confirmation process -
02/23HPAI woes expand in France, Asia -
02/23TPP countries contemplate moving forward -
02/23More cuts would thwart 2018 farm bill -
02/23Winter markets: Local farmers will serve you breakfast -
02/23Bojangles' to phase out using chickens raised on antibiotics -
02/23Trump's deportations could make worker shortages worse in these industries -
02/232017 NC FSA Market Summit Feb. 28 in Smithfield -
02/23How the Atlantic Coast Pipeline could affect eastern North Carolina -
02/23Manure-to-energy poultry plant celebrated in Maryland -
02/23EU-Canada trade agreement wins European Parliament green light -

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