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Date of Last Recorded Action: 4/8/2024

HB 0362 OpposeLame Duck - Change Commissioners' Term in Office Andrew Welch
3/30/2017 House Withdrawn, Recommitted Governmental Affairs --
2017/02/17-Report 2017/02/24 - Report Elections General County Government Todd Edwards

All county commissioners elected on or after January 1, 2017, must take office on the Monday following their election so long as it is at least five days following the certification of election results.  If a petition to contest the election is filed, then the newly-elected commissioner takes office on the Monday following a judgment rendered, or the withdrawal or dismissal of the petition.  The officeholder shall be sworn in at the next county commission meeting - which shall be held no later than two weeks following their term of office.  For a full summary of this legislation, please click here.    

HB 0368 OpposeMandated Salary Supplement for Superior Court Clerks Barry Fleming
2/16/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary --
2017/02/17-Report Clerk of Court Compensation Debra Nesbit General County Government
Mandate Public Safety and Courts Training

This legislation provides an additional $200 per month supplement to be paid by the county for superior court clerks who complete voluntary training with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and become a "certified superior court clerk".  Clerk's are mandated to complete this training to become a "certified superior court clerk" upon election under current law that has been in effect since 1998.  All training and reasonable travel expenses are currently the responsibility of the county.  Essentially this is a $200 per month salary increase for superior court clerks.

HB 0660 EvaluatingProvide for Sentencing in Hate Crimes Meagan Hanson
1/23/2018 House Second Readers Judiciary - Non-Civil --
Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts Training
HB 0699 SupportAcceptance of Military Firefighter Training as Required Basic Firefighter Certification Dave Belton
7/1/2018 Effective Date Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety -
2018/02/09 Report 2018/03/09 Report Debra Nesbit Fire Services Public Safety and Courts
This legislation allows military firefighter training in lieu of the required basic firefighter training for full time firefighters, upon the approval of the Firefighters Standards and Training Council.
SB 0149 NeutralMandatory Training for Local Law Enforcement Officers Serving as School Resource Officers and Prohibition of Tobacco or Tobacco Products in Local Jails Emanuel Jones
7/1/2017 Effective Date Public Safety and Homeland Security Education and Youth -
2017/02/17-Report 2017/03/06 - Report 2017/03/24 - Report Debra Nesbit General County Government
Law Enforcement Mandate Public Safety and Courts Training
This legislation mandates special training for local law enforcement officers that are assigned duty as school resource officers for five consecutive days.  The P.O.S.T. approved course must be completed within six months of appointment as a school resource officer.  Language was added to the bill to prohibit the use or possession of tobacco or tobacco products at any correctional facility.  Criminal penalities are outlined for those who violate the law.
SB 0343 EvaluatingDrug Recognition Expert Certification Requirement Change - New Certification Requirement Upon Expiration of Current Certification Ed Harbison
1/24/2018 Senate Read and Referred -Public Safety -
2018/01/26 Report Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services Law Enforcement Public Safety and Courts
 This legislation requires that officers certified as a drug recognition expert obtain training prior to recertification.  Existing certifications are valid until expiration.
SB 0436 NeutralProbate Court Code Modernization Brian Strickland
5/3/2018 Act 405 Judiciary Judiciary -
2018/02/16 Report 2018/02/23 Report 2018/03/09 Report 2018/03/16 Report Clerk of Court
Compensation Debra Nesbit Elections Forfeitures, Fees, and Fine Add Ons Insurance
Insurance Probate Court Public Safety and Courts Sheriff Superior Court
This legislation updates and modernizes the code that governs the operation of probate courts.  The bill also increases the surety bond requirement from $25,000 to $100,000.  Additionally the bill changes the current process of filling a vacancy, from appointment of the associate judge to requiring a special election.
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