Immigration (10)

Date of Last Recorded Action: 5/7/2024

HB 0033 NeutralNo Illegal Immigants or non-Georgians on certain Local Boards or Authorities Brad Raffensperger
1/12/2017 House Second Readers Judiciary --
2017/01/12_TEST 2017/01/12_TEST 2 2017/01/13-Report Econ. Dev. & Transportation Economic Development
General County Government Health and Human Services Hospital Authority Immigration Preemption
Revenue & Finance Todd Edwards

This preemption legislation establishes additional requirements on individuals (other than ex officio or nonvoting members) appointed to county or city boards, commissions or authorities that establish policy, spend public funds, levy taxes or impose or collect fees or charges.  In order to be eligible for such an appointment, the individual must be a U.S. citizen or national, a lawful permanent resident or an alien having lawful status in the U.S.  The individual must also be a legal resident of Georgia, unless he or she resides in another state but owns an interest in business in Georgia or is employed in Georgia.  These qualifications do not apply to active duty members of the armed forces or an immediate family member of an active duty member of the armed forces.  The body making the appointment (i.e., the board of commissioners) is responsible for determining whether an individual meets these qualifications.

HB 0158 NeutralGambling - Georgia Destination Resort Act Ron Stephens
1/31/2017 House Second Readers Regulated Industries --
2017/02/03-Report Alcohol/Tobacco Business and Occupation Tax District Attorneys Econ. Dev. & Transportation
Economic Development General County Government Georgia Bureau of Investigation Immigration Land Use/Zoning
Public Safety and Courts Retirement Revenue & Finance Todd Edwards Tourism
This legislation, mirroring SB 79, legalizes gambling in Georgia. Two casino licenses will be granted.  One license will be granted within a county having a population of at least 900,000, will be at least a $2 billion investment, located in a convention district and have a hotel with at least 1,000 rooms.  The other license will be granted within a county with at least 450,000 people, be at least a $450 million investment, and located near a convention district.  These casinos can be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and will pay a 20-percent tax on gross receipts (70 percent of proceeds go to the HOPE Scholarship and 30 percent will go to a needs-based college scholarship.   
HB 0177 OpposeMandate - Counties Must Provide Multi-Lingual Services Pedro Marin
2/1/2017 House Second Readers Governmental Affairs --
2017/02/10 - Report General County Government Health and Human Services Immigration Mandate
Todd Edwards
This legislation requires counties and cities to provide equal access to public services to individuals with limited English proficiency, including providing in house staff interpreters, bilingual staff or interpreter programs if contact with individuals with limited English proficiency regularly occurs.  Documents must be translated into any language spoken by at least three percent of the population of the area served by the county. ACCG has no position on whether counties do this, but opposes having the state mandate it upon us.  
HB 0452 NeutralGBI Shall Post on Website Aliens Released From Federal Custody/Measures to Address Domestic Terrorism Jesse Petrea
7/1/2017 Effective Date Public Safety and Homeland Security Public Safety -
Correctional Institutions/Jail Debra Nesbit General County Government Georgia Bureau of Investigation Immigration
Public Safety and Courts Sheriff
This legislation requires the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to publicly post on their website information on aliens who are released who are released from federal custody and notify the sheriff's offices within 12 hours.  SB 1 was added to this legislation which sets forth requirements for domestic terrorism.
HB 0767 NeutralImmigration - SAVE Requirements for Unemployment Insurance William Werkheiser
2/20/2018 Senate Read and Referred Industry and Labor Insurance and Labor -
General County Government Immigration Todd Edwards
This bill enables persons filing for unemployment insurance electronically to satisfy SAVE requirements by providing the number of a verifiable and unexpired driver's license or identification card and their social security number.    
HB 0803 NeutralCreates and Expands Criminal Sanctions for Trafficking or Abusing an Elder Person Wendell Willard
7/1/2018 Effective Date Judiciary - Non-Civil Health and Human Services -
2018/02/09 Report Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit Health and Human Services Immigration
Public Safety and Courts
This legislation creates an offense of trafficking a disabled adult and sets forth criminal penalities as well as expands criminal penalities for elder abuse.
SB 0093 NeutralImmigration - State to Work with Locals to Facilitate Naturalization of Legal Immigrants Lester Jackson
1/30/2017 Senate Read and Referred -Government Oversight -
General County Government Health and Human Services Immigration Todd Edwards
This legislation allows the Department of Human Resources to coordinate with existing resources in local government to facilitate the naturalization of legal immigration.  
SB 0100 NeutralUnlawful to Detain Individual With A Valid Visa From Entering GA Airport or Port Vincent Fort
2/1/2017 Senate Read and Referred -Government Oversight -
Airports Econ. Dev. & Transportation General County Government Immigration Kathleen Bowen
This legislation prohibits detaining any person with a valid visa to enter the United States at any Georgia airport or port.
SB 0250 SupportSex Offenders Convicted in Other Countries Require Registration Jeff Mullis
7/1/2017 Effective Date Judiciary Non-Civil Judiciary -
2017/03/24 - Report Clerk of Court Correctional Institutions/Jail Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Immigration Law Enforcement Progressing Legislation Public Safety and Courts
Sex Offender Superior Court
This legislation changes requirements for registration of persons on convicted of a sexual offense in another county to be placed on the Georgia the sexual offender registry. 
SB 0452 EvaluatingMandate for Law Enforcement to Notify Federal Authorities upon Arrest of Illegal Alien Jesse Stone
3/27/2018 House Postponed Public Safety and Homeland Security Judiciary -
2018/03/23 Report Animal Control Code Enforcement Criminal Procedure Debra Nesbit
General County Government Immigration Magistrate Court Probate Court Public Safety and Courts
State Court Superior Court
This legislation requires that local law enforcement notify US Immigration and Customs Enforcement 72 hours prior to the release of any illegal immigrant from custody.
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