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The Mathematics I and II unit development was a collaborative project between Okefenokee RESA, Coastal Plains RESA, and Southwest Georgia RESA to provide a resource for lessons to assist teachers as they implement Mathematics I and II. The units were written by a volunteer group of high school mathematics teachers in South Georgia.  We recognize that these units, as written, will need revision and adjustment for optimization for other student populations and demographics. All files are in PDF format. 

All Math Units have been approved for re-posting.




Math II Unit 1

Math II Unit 2

Math II Unit 3

Math II Unit 4

Math II Unit 5

Math II Unit 6







Okefenokee RESA provides services to teachers of mathematics at all grade levels, K-12.  These services include the following:

Improving student achievement

  • Analyzing student test scores
  • School/class/student profiles

  • Results-focused, data driven, setting of priorities

  • Targeting Specific Standards for Improvement

  • Identifying/implementing new instructional strategies

  • Identifying appropriate materials/hands-on activities

Implementing Standards-Based Curriculum

  • Curriculum Alignment

  • GPS for K - Math 

  • QCC for Grades 10-12

  • NCTM Standards

  • Local Objectives

 Math Links

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